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About Us

About Us

Fraser Dunlop started his haulage business in 1968 running tipper lorries. We now have our third generation of the family working here and our fleet consists solely of lorry mounted loaders, ranging in size from a 32 ton metre crane, mounted on a 26 tonne rigid lorry right up to a 1050 ton metre crane, mounted on a heavy haulage 4 axle tractor unit. 

We can lift and tranport anything too heavy or too large to manhandle, or just too high up to reach to. Right up to items weighting 14 tonnes.  Containers, office units, machine buckets, engines, yachts, roof trusses, etc.  We also have a lorry mounted loader with a winch attachment, that enables us to lift over walls, building etc, and drop down the other side.  Most of our lorry loaders have the added flexability of being remote control, so the driver/operator can pinpoint exactly where you want the load positioned.

Abnormal Loads

We have the facility to lift, route, transport and self-escort your abnormal loads throughout the whole of the UK.   Equally we can purely escort your own tranportation with its abnormal load.

Training Provider

We also have ALLMI registered instructors, who can train and instruct your staff, whether a novice or experienced operative, to ALLMI (Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers) standard, providing certification and operator ID card.

Rear Mounted Lorry Loader 10 ton carrying capacity- 5 ton lift capacity- 7 mtrs bed length

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